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Wholesale T-Shirts

Explore our wide selection of wholesale t-shirts at Threadsy, where quality meets variety at unbeatable prices. Whether you're stocking up for your next big project or in search of bulk t-shirts to bring your creative designs to life, our extensive range of blank t-shirts, including premium brands like Next Level Apparel t-shirts and Gildan t-shirts, are designed to cater to all your needs.

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Don't miss out on the chance to snag even bigger savings! Check out our daily deals and limited-time offers on blank wholesale t-shirts. New discounts are popping up all the time, so you never know when you'll find the perfect deal to stock up and save.

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We get it – finding the right bulk T-shirts that combine high-quality materials with tons of variety isn't always a walk in the park. That's why we're here to help. Here at Threadsy, we carry a massive selection of top-tier wholesale T-shirts perfect for your next big printing project, company event or personal creative endeavor. Looking for a rainbow of colors, a spectrum of sizes or the comfiest fabric? We've got them all. From classic Hanes T-shirts to Comfort Colors T-shirts, our tees are hand-selected from the industry's best brands to ensure you're getting the best of the best. We even carry short-sleeve Polo Shirts for customers who require a little extra class.

Picking wholesale T-shirts from us means you're in for some sweet deals without skimping on quality. We offer incredible bulk deals for top-notch blank T-shirts at prices that'll fill your cart with glee. Plus, we're big on getting your order to you fast, so you can get to work without skipping a beat. Whether you're looking to print, embroider, or even resell, Threadsy's here with a stash of bulk T-shirts that'll fit the bill. Browse our entire collection and see why folks return to Threadsy for all their T-shirt needs.

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Customization and Printing Tips for Blank T-Shirts

Diving into the world of T-shirt customization can transform a simple blank T-shirt into a canvas for your creativity or brand. No matter what customization techniques you want to try out, Threadsy's wholesale T-shirts provide the perfect base. Here are a few tips and tricks to get the most out of your custom T-shirt projects.

Choose the Right Fabric

The material of your T-shirt can significantly affect the outcome of your print. Cotton tees are ideal for most printing methods due to their smooth surface and absorbency. For a more durable option, consider poly-cotton blends, which can hold prints well but may require specific inks for best results.

Pre-Treatment Matters

Preparing your wholesale T-shirts before printing, especially if you're screen printing, can make a world of difference. Pre-treating with a primer can ensure that the ink adheres better and lasts longer, keeping your designs vibrant through washes and wear.

Test Your Design

Before going all in on a large batch, do a test print on a similar material to see how your design translates onto fabric. This step allows you to adjust your design's size, color or detail to ensure it looks exactly how you want it on the final product.

Consider the Ink

The type of ink you use can impact your design's feel, durability and appearance. Water-based inks are great for a soft, breathable print, while plastisol inks offer a more vibrant, durable finish. Experiment with different inks to find the perfect match for your project.

Curing is Key

Properly curing your printed T-shirts is crucial for ensuring the design's longevity. Follow the recommended curing temperatures and times for the ink you're using to prevent cracking or fading.

Embrace Layering for Complexity

Layering is your friend for designs requiring multiple colors or intricate details. To avoid smudging or color bleeding, make sure each layer is properly dried and cured before applying the next.

At Threadsy, our bulk T-shirts are designed for customization. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, our selection is sure to meet your needs for quality, affordability, and versatility. Let your creativity shine—bring your T-shirt designs to life with Threadsy.

Fast Shipping & Outstanding Service: The Threadsy Promise

Choosing Threadsy for your bulk t-shirts unlocks unbeatable value, premium quality, and a vast selection to suit any need. Our commitment to convenience, fast shipping, and exceptional customer service makes shopping a breeze. With Threadsy, you're not just buying wholesale t-shirts; you're investing in a partnership that elevates your projects and goals while keeping your budget in check.

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Ready to take your t-shirt game to the next level? Threadsy is here to make it happen. With our unbeatable combination of quality, value, and variety, there's no better place to stock up on blank wholesale t-shirts. Whether customizing for a business, gearing up for an event or simply stocking your wardrobe, our selection has everything you need. Don't miss out on getting premium t-shirts at wholesale prices. Shop our collection today and start your journey with Threadsy. If you need any assistance, don't hesitate to contact us.

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Wholesale T-Shirts

Frequently Asked Questions: Blank Wholesale T-Shirts

Do you have questions about our blank wholesale T-shirts? Check out the answers to our most frequently asked questions below for more information.

What Types of Blank T-Shirts Does Threadsy Offer?

Threadsy boasts a diverse range of blank t-shirts, including fabrics like 100% cotton, polyester and poly-cotton blends. We offer a variety of fits, from classic to fitted styles, and a wide selection of colors and sizes to cater to all your needs.

Is There a Minimum Order Quantity for Purchasing Wholesale T-shirts?

Threadsy aims to accommodate both large and small orders. While we specialize in bulk t-shirts, minimum order quantities can vary based on the product. We encourage you to check the product details for specific minimum order information.

How Do I Care for My Blank Wholesale T-Shirts?

To maximize the lifespan of your T-shirts, we recommend washing them in cold water with similar colors and tumble drying on low. Avoid using bleach and ironing the print areas.

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