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10 Ways to Save Money When Buying Bulk T-Shirts

10 Ways to Save Money When Buying Bulk T-Shirts - Threadsy

Kathryn Hutchison |

No one wants to pay more than they have to for t-shirts, especially when buying a large quantity. But many shoppers end up paying a higher price for bulk apparel than they would if they followed these easy tips. Here’s what you need to know to save time and money before you buy in bulk for your t-shirt business, craft project or event merchandise.

1. Don’t Pay Retail Prices For T-Shirts

It’s shocking how many businesses, nonprofit organizations and crafters pay full retail price for t-shirts. Big box stores charge much more for their tees than wholesalers like Threadsy. So, although it’s easy to get large quantities of plain t-shirts from national retail chains, you will probably end up spending much more money than you need to! If you are buying moderate or large quantities of blank t-shirts, skip the retail stores and shop at a wholesale t-shirt supplier like Threadsy for dramatically lower prices.

2. Check for Sales and Coupons

Searching for sales and coupons at the start of your project can yield BIG savings! Many people use coupons all the time for everyday shopping like groceries or restaurants, but forget this easy savings method when it comes to shopping for blank apparel.

T-shirt retailers like Threadsy often run limited-time savings programs on everything from plain t-shirts to specialty styles. Some savings require a coupon code, like the extra 20% off of our clearance styles. Other promotions such as sale pricing may be applied automatically to your cart. It pays to check for promos; customers in the know can get deep discounts due to manufacturer incentives, inventory overages, or seasonal markdowns.

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3. Shop for Basic Blank Tees

Solid t-shirts, particularly plain white tees, are typically much less expensive than t-shirts made with patterned fabric or specialty dye processes. Similarly, tees with trim or details tend to cost extra versus their plain counterparts. Those details can really make a project, so the extra few cents may be worth it. But, if the lowest possible price is what you’re after, sticking to solid fabrics in basic unisex cuts or tank tops is the way to go.

4. Talk To Your Printer (Or Read the Manual)

If you plan to have your t-shirts printed, don’t forget that certain fabrics or colors may be more expensive or time consuming to decorate. Getting the wrong shirt for your job – even if it’s the lowest price—is not going to save you money in the long run.

Dark shirts often require an underbase (extra layer of ink) or more ink coverage for the finished artwork to show up. This may require an extra screen and increase printing costs. Be sure to ask your print shop for advice or read the instruction manual for your machine if you’re a DIY decorator. Buying the correct tee will help lower production costs and save time in the end.

5. The Most Popular Cheap T-Shirts

T-shirt manufacturers produce a variety of styles to satisfy price-conscious bulk buyers. Just because you’re aiming for something inexpensive doesn’t necessarily mean you’re limited to short-sleeved tubular shirts. These are popular low-price tees across various styles and fabric types:

  • Cheap 100% Cotton T-shirt: Hanes Adult Essential T-Shirt, Style 5280
  • Cheap Polyester T-shirt: Gildan Adult Performance T-Shirt, Style G420
  • Cheap Long Sleeve T-shirt: Gildan Adult Heavy Cotton Long-Sleeve T-Shirt, Style G540
  • Cheap Women’s Cut T-shirt: Next Level Ladies’ Ideal T-Shirt, Style n1510
  • Cheap Kids T-shirt: Hanes Youth Authentic T-Shirt, Style 54500

6. Order All at Once

Getting your shirts in one single order can pay off—literally! If you can, gather all the size and quantity information for your t-shirt project up front. Then place a single order for the shirts you need. Consolidating into one purchase will save you money on shipping and packing costs. It will also help maximize any bulk discount program offered by your supplier.

7. Get A Bulk Discount

Speaking of bulk discount programs… If you are shopping for blank tees from a big box store, you are missing out on this HUGE way to save. Wholesale t-shirt suppliers like Threadsy offer rich discounts for customers who purchase in large quantities.

Check for bulk discounts before placing your order to find the lowest per-piece price for your tees. You may save a ton of money by combining a few orders into one purchase, or by getting a couple extra shirts to hit the next discount tier.

Pro Tip: Our bulk discount program starts at $110 and the savings appear automatically in your cart. You could save up to 15% on your entire order!

8. Save On Shipping Costs

Sometimes getting t-shirts delivered can be more expensive than the garments themselves! Particularly if you need expedited delivery, prepare to pay extra. The good news is that if you’re not in a rush, wholesale t-shirt suppliers often give free ground shipping once you meet a certain purchase threshold.

Pro Tip: Threadsy orders $50+ ship for free, with fast delivery. It pays to take advantage of those savings!

9. Avoid Hidden Fees

It pains us to say it, but there can be a LOT of fine print in the wholesale apparel industry. Make sure to read retailers’ customer service policies to avoid hidden costs. Some companies offer a low price per-shirt, but tack on fees for everything from packing your order to processing returns. And don’t even get us started on order minimums! Some online shops charge you extra if you don’t meet a certain purchase threshold.

We don’t do that stuff at Threadsy. There’s no minimum order, returns are free for 30 days and we’ll never charge you extra money to pack your order.

10. Don’t Get Scammed

Social media is a great place to find inspiration. But buyers beware when it comes to purchasing tees from strangers online.

We’re increasingly hearing about scammers who target bulk t-shirt buyers on Facebook, Instagram and even TikTok. It works like this: a scammer messages people offering shirts at unbelievably low prices. Catch is, they insist on payment via methods like cash apps or wire transfer—methods that leave buyers with little protection from fraud. Once the funds are transferred, the money is gone along with the scammer’s social media profile, leaving unsuspecting t-shirt buyers high and dry.

You can save a lot of money and heartache by purchasing bulk tees from reputable companies who stand by their business practices. Threadsy is proud to be certified by The Better Business Bureau, and we offer consumers protection through secure payment methods, free returns, and an outstanding US-based customer service team.

The Bottom Line

Whatever project you’re dreaming up, there are many ways to save money when shopping for bulk t-shirts. Buying shirts online is easy and convenient, and we hope these tips help save you cash and time. Considering Threadsy for your next wholesale t-shirt purchase? Check out our full catalog of low-cost blank tees today.