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Being eco-friendly: How to maintain sustainability in t-shirt businesses & wardrobes

Being eco-friendly: How to maintain sustainability in t-shirt businesses & wardrobes - Threadsy

Anne Dorfman |

Having an eco-conscious business and mindset is truly becoming more and more prevalent these days. Businesses and consumers alike can truly impact the world.  Team Threadsy is all about minimizing the impact on the planet while still offering wonderful & high-quality t-shirts and apparel. Sustainability is the name of the game, and we're here to show you how to ace it. 

Sustainable Materials for T-Shirt Design: Dressing in nature's finest 

Who said being eco-friendly meant compromising on style? Certainly not Team Threadsy! When it comes to designing t-shirts and other apparel, you can maintain sustainability without sacrificing fashion-forward looks. Explore options like organic cotton, bamboo, and recycled polyester. They not only look and feel great but also reduce the environmental footprint of your favorite tees. Go ahead, embrace the beauty of natural fibers! 

Need a place to start? Check out these wonderful options made from natural fibers:  

North End Men’s Recycled Polyester Performance Pique Polo – made from recycled polyester 

Next Level Apparel Unisex Eco Performance T-Shirt – made from 30% recycled cotton 

Hanes Adult Perfect-T Triblend T-Shirt - 60% recycled polyester, 30% grown ringspun cotton 

Artisan Colllection By Reprime Organic Cotton Bib Apron – made of 100% organic cotton 

Adult 9.7 oz Ultimate Cotton 90/10 Pullover Hooded Sweatshirt - Made with sustainably sourced USA grown cotton 

Marketing and Branding: Flaunting your eco-friendly style 

Looking good is just the beginning - it's time to shout out your sustainable efforts! In a world that's increasingly conscious about the environment, let's create a brand that resonates with the eco-conscious customers. Communicate your sustainability initiatives to your customers, embrace it as part of your brand's identity, and collaborate with like-minded influencers and organizations. Together, we'll spread the word about eco-friendly fashion! 

Building an Eco-Friendly Supply Chain: Surrounding ourselves with green partners 

Sustainability isn't a one-tee-show; it's a collaborative effort. That's why we're all about building an eco-conscious supply chain. From sourcing materials from ethical and sustainable suppliers to closely monitoring their practices, we're prioritizing green & sustainable brands. Together, we're creating a network of eco-consciousness, united by our love for blank apparel! 

Here are some brands that offer eco-friendly products:  

Certifications and Standards: Brightening up the industry 

Ever heard of eco-certifications like GOTS or "A” list status from the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project)? They're the badges of honor in the blank apparel space. These certifications verify that our t-shirts meet standards while adhering to eco-friendly practices. Trust us; they're a serious seal of approval! When you support and buy our eco-friendly t-shirts, you're joining a movement that's building a brighter and greener future. 

Challenges and Solutions in Maintaining Sustainability: Switching obstacles to opportunities 

Like any endeavor, maintaining sustainability in the t-shirt design world comes with its fair share of challenges. But worry not - we've got solutions! From finding eco-friendly suppliers to overcoming production hurdles, we're here to help you navigate the eco-friendly landscape. Together, we'll tackle these challenges and turn them into opportunities for growth. 

A green future ahead

By choosing sustainable t-shirts and apparel, embracing green manufacturing practices, and adopting an eco-conscious approach to marketing, you're making a difference. Your unique style or storefront is now supporting the planet. Together we're creating a brighter and greener future for fashion. Let's keep this journey going!