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Camp Craft Galore: How To Use Threadsy Apparel for Summer Camp Fun

Camp Craft Galore: How To Use Threadsy Apparel for Summer Camp Fun - Threadsy

Anne Dorfman |

Summer camp is quickly approaching, so we want you and your camper(s) to be prepped and ready to go for all the fun! With Threadsy’s affordable blank t-shirts, tank tops, and accessories, the possibilities for camp outfits as well as camp crafts are endless. Let’s explore the various apparel options for your kids as well as exciting ways you can utilize Threadsy apparel for a summer camp filled with fun and self-expression! 

Camp Check List 

Camp is such a wonderful and special time for the kids. From swimming to sports, camp offers a wonderful array of activities. Since the kids are having fun in the sun or perhaps in the mud, it makes perfect sense to find affordable and durable clothes for the kids. Check out these wonderful and affordable options below that are perfect any type of fun! 

Team 365’s Youth Zone Performance T-Shirt is the perfect staple for any kids’ wardrobe for camp. This t-shirt is moisture-wicking and UV 40+ protection. This t-shirt also comes in fun colors, so the kids will feel stylish while outside! 

Check out this wonderful zip-up jacket that’s perfect on those cooler nights or indoor activities. Style #G186B comes in sizes youth XS-XL and comes in nice basic colors that can be mixed and matched with other apparel items! 

Looking for the right drawstring bag for your kids to use to transport their things from activity to activity? Team Threadsy recommends style #LBA136! This drawstring bag is only $2.16 - a true steal!  

Tie-dye is always all the rage at camp! Check out the Tie-Dye Youth 5.4 oz. 100% Cotton Spider T-Shirt that will have your kids smiling all summer long.  

Crafty At Camp 

One of the best parts about camp is being able to unleash your creativity. If you're looking for camp craft ideas, Team Threadsy is here to help. Let’s explore the various ways you can utilize Threadsy apparel for summer camp craft time. 

Tie-Dye Extravaganza 

As previously stated, tie-dye is truly top-tier entertainment for the kids at summer camp. Threadsy’s blank t-shirts and tank tops are truly the ideal canvases for vibrant tie-dye creations. Host a tie-dye party and watch campers transform their blank Threadsy apparel into colorful masterpieces. Pro tip: Encourage campers to experiment with different tie-dye patterns to unleash their inner artists! 

Looking for the right t-shirts for the tie-dye fun? Check out style #C9018. This 100% cotton t-shirt made from Comfort Colors offers a wonderful canvas for tie-dye and fun. This t-shirt holds dye extremely well and comes in sizes XXS-XL.   

DIY Fringe Tank Tops 

Fringe tank tops are quintessential for summer camp! With Threadsy’s blank t-shirts, campers can easily create their own trendy summer t-shirts. Show campers how to snip and twist Threadsy t-shirts into fabulous fringe tank tops. This is a fantastic activity for campers to bond and showcase their DIY skills! 

Let’s set you up for success! Check out style #G200B from Gildan that are easily customizable and very affordable. The best part? If you bulk order these t-shirts, you can save even more. Check out Threadsy’s bulk bonus offers below:  

Field Day Shirts 

Let's add an extra dose of team spirit to the beloved tradition of field day at summer camp! Threadsy apparel can be personalized to create custom field day shirts for each team. Campers will love designing and wearing their team's special shirts, creating an exciting atmosphere filled with friendly competition and camaraderie. It's a guaranteed way to make those memories even more special! 

Check out style #3001Y from Bella + Canvas. These t-shirts come in an array of colors, which is perfect for field day and sizes S to XL. 

Arts & Crafts Aprons 

Arts and crafts are a staple at summer camps, but keeping campers' clothes clean during these creative adventures can be a challenge. This is when Threadsy's aprons can come into play! These versatile aprons are perfect for protecting campers' clothes during craft sessions. Let the campers unleash their creativity by personalizing their aprons with fun designs and colors, making every crafting session a stylish affair. 

Let’s find you the right aprons for your campers. Take a look at style #4/1/1951. This apron is wonderfully and carefully made and is only $4.72. 

Time To Create Summer Camp Memories 

We hope this guide has ignited your creativity and inspired you to infuse Threadsy apparel into your summer camp wardrobe and adventures. Whether it's tie-dye extravaganzas, DIY fringe tank tops, custom field day shirts, or arts and crafts aprons, Threadsy's apparel is your go-to partner for a summer camp filled with style, creativity, and endless fun. Here's to a camp craft galore like never before!