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Elevate Your DIY & Craft Projects with Bella + Canvas

Elevate Your DIY & Craft Projects with Bella + Canvas - Threadsy

Anne Dorfman |

When it comes to DIY and crafting, the quality of materials used in any project can make all the difference. When it comes to using the right apparel for projects, Bella + Canvas is undoubtedly the brand to check out. Ranging in modern styles and colors, Bella + Canvas offers an excellent collection of high-quality t-shirts, sweatshirts, and tank-tops that can elevate your DIY and craft projects. Let’s dive into Bella + Canvas as a brand as well as explore products and crafting ideas to get you started on your next project. 

Introducing Bella + Canvas 

Known for its forward-thinking, Bella + Canvas sets itself apart from the rest with its modern styles and commitment to sustainability. Bella + Canvas' highest priority is delivering excellence in quality, and wow, do they do just that! With this goal in mind, Bella + Canvas continues to provide a top-notch selection of products that are perfect for any DIY project. 

Fabrics Offered by Bella + Canvas 

Bella + Canvas proudly offers an extensive range of high-quality fabrics that cater to a variety of preferences and project needs. Their fabric options include cotton, cotton/poly, CVC, polyester, and triblend. Let’s dive into each of these fabric types! 

100% Cotton 

Bella + Canvas offers a wonderful selection of 100% cotton t-shirts and apparel. 100% cotton t-shirts are breathable, which is perfect for these warmer seasons. 100% cotton t-shirts are also eco-friendly since these t-shirts are made out of a biodegradable fiber. Lastly, 100% cotton t-shirts are also perfect for printing, tie-dye, and many other craft projects. Check out Bella + Canvas’ collection of 100% cotton t-shirts here.  

Need a place to start? Check out style #3001C. Ranging in 40 colors and sizes XS-5XL, this 100% cotton t-shirt from Bella + Canvas is the perfect addition to any craft project. 


For projects that require durability, Bella + Canvas polyester fabrics are a great choice. Polyester t-shirts are resistant to stretching, so it keeps its same true form after many washes and wears. Polyester t-shirts are also wonderful because they don’t wrinkle easily. This is great when working on a big craft project! Polyester t-shirts are a great canvas for embroidering.  

Check out this wonderful polyester sweatshirt from Bella + Canvas. This ladies’ hooded sweatshirt has a classic look and feel and comes in five sleek colors.  

Cotton/Poly Blends

Since we’ve discussed 100% cotton t-shirts as well as polyester tees, let’s dive into the wonderful blend of cotton/poly tees. Cotton/poly blended t-shirts from Bella + Canvas offers the benefits of both materials – softness, breathability, and durability. This wonderful blend is perfect for a variety of DIY projects and crafts.  

Need a place to start? Check out style #3650. This Unisex Poly-Cotton Short Sleeve T-Shirt comes in 20+ colors and sizes XS-2XL. 


CVC stands for chief value cotton. That being said, CVC T-shirts take softness to the ultimate level.  

Looking to try out this type of t-shirt? Check out style #3001CVC. This unisexCVC t-shirt comes in 60+ colors and is a perfect addition to any craft or project!


Bella + Canvas triblend fabrics combine cotton, polyester, and rayon to create a luxurious and lightweight material that's incredibly soft and comfortable. This type of t-shirt also has an elevated look and feel.   

Try out triblend t-shirts for yourself! Check out style #6413. This Ladies' Relaxed Triblend T-Shirt comes in five beautiful colors and sizes S-3XL! 

DIY Craft Ideas with Bella + Canvas 

If you are looking to start your next craft or DIY project, you are just in luck! Whether you’re looking to tie-dye or heat transfer vinyl (HTV) your t-shirt, Bella + Canvas has the right apparel to do just that. Check out the various crafts you can create with Bella + Canvas apparel.  


Tie-dye is such a timeless and fun activity. Whether you’re looking to tie-dye for an upcoming holiday or to elevate your apparel, Bella + Canvas has just what you need to bring your tie-dye dreams to life. Team Threadsy recommends style #3005. This t-shirt is made out of 100% cotton, which is the ideal fabric when it comes to tie-dye. This t-shirt also comes in sizes XS-3XL and is just $8.16 at Threadsy 

Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV)

Another exciting way you can utilize with Bella + Canvas apparel is through heat transfer vinyl (HTV) applications. Bella + Canvas fabrics are known for their compatibility with HTV, which is perfect when trying to create designs on t-shirts, sweatshirts, and other apparel items. The smooth surfaces and high-quality construction of Bella + Canvas apparel make them the perfect canvas for HTV. Team Threadsy recommends style #3650. This t-shirt has a wonderful look and feel and is made out of cotton and polyester, which is the perfect blend for HTV. 

Time to craft with Bella + Canvas

Now that you have the right tools and tips, are you ready to take your DIY projects to the next level? Bella + Canvas is here to help you unleash your creativity and express yourself through crafting. Explore the world of DIY with Bella + Canvas materials, and share your unique creations with us on social media using the hashtag #BellaCanvasDIY. Let your imagination run wild and watch your DIY projects come to life with Bella + Canvas.