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Get Your Green On: Creative Ways to Customize Blank Apparel for St. Patrick's Day

Get Your Green On: Creative Ways to Customize Blank Apparel for St. Patrick's Day - Threadsy

Anne Dorfman |

Get ready to sham-rock your St. Patrick’s outfit this year! With Threadsy’s guidance and step by step directions, you’ll be able to create customized St. Patrick’s Day apparel that will make you feel happy-go-lucky!  

Finding the Perfect Blank Apparel! 

First and foremost, you need a blank canvas for your wonderful St. Patrick’s Day creations. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! At Threadsy, we have a wonderful selection of blank short-sleeve t-shirts, long-sleeve tees, sweatshirts, and more at wholesale prices. Check out our selection that vary in style, brand, and fabric. We also have an extensive selection of white & green t-shirts – perfect for St. Patrick’s Day! 

DIY Shamrock Patches 

Looking for an almost instant St. Patrick’s Day look? DIY shamrock patches is the way to go. To complete this DIY idea, you’ll need green felt, scissors, your blank apparel and fabric glue. Cut the felt into the shape of shamrocks, and then simply glue them onto your blank apparel. And... voila! You now have a customized piece perfect for the happy day! You can also easily purchase a shamrock patch that has been pre-made and glue it onto your blank apparel. Regardless, you have a wonderful & customized look that was made by you! 

Team Threadsy recommends Style #370J, Threadfast Apparel’s Unisex Denim Jacket. This jacket is the perfect canvas to add your adorable shamrock patches and can easily be dressed up or made into a more casual look. This jacket also comes in sizes XS-3XL! 

Fabric Painting and Markers – Channel Your Inner Green Picasso! 

If you’re looking for a different technique, try out fabric painting or markers! The room for creativity is endless! Try creating different St. Patrick’s Day designs such as a rainbow or pot of gold. To achieve the best results, invest in high-quality fabric paints or markers. With these tools, you can give your clothes a pop of fun! 

Team Threadsy recommends Style #C1717, Comfort Color’s Adult Heavyweight T-shirt! Ranging in sizes S-4XL, this 100% cotton tee is, without a doubt, the t-shirt to use when using fabric painting or markers. This tee will properly absorb the colors, so your tee will be just as green & jolly as a four-leaf clover! 

Tie-Dye Magic – Get Swirly with St. Patrick's Day! 

Take your apparel to the next level with tie-dye magic! Grab green and yellow dyes and apply them to your blank white t-shirts or hoodies in unique patterns. Get creative by mixing shades of green or yellow and incorporate different tie-dye techniques. Just be sure to use disposable gloves and protect your workspace from dye stains. Trust us; it's worth the effort! If you’re looking for a step-by-step on how to tie-dye, we have broken it down into 7 easy steps! 

Team Threadsy recommends Style #3600, Next Level Apparel’s Unisex Cotton T-shirt.This 100% Cotton tee is absolutely perfect for tie-dye creations and fun. This tee runs in sizes XS-4XL as well! 

Stencil Designs – Spray Some Irish Magic! 

Stencil designs are another fun customization method. Use stencils to spray paint or apply fabric paint onto your blank apparels with Irish symbols like Celtic knots or Claddagh rings. The key to success is to select and use stencils effectively. With a little bit of patience and a steady hand, you'll create visually stunning and symbolically meaningful apparel. 

Team Threadsy recommends Style #G185, Gildan’s Adult Heavy Blend™ 50/50 Hooded Sweatshirt. This sweathirts comes in 40+ colors, so you can truly customize this hoodie the way you want to! Additionally, this hoodie comes in sizes S-5XL, so you can customize these for yourself and your whole family or friend group! 

Patchwork Designs – Sewing Up Some St. Patrick's Day Love! 

If you love quilt designs or garment embellishment, the patchwork is the perfect option for you. Cut different patterns and shades of green fabric pieces to quilt and sew onto your blank apparel. This adds an extra dimension of texture and color to your clothing.  

Team Threadsy recommends Style #372J, Threadfast Apparel’s Unisex Sherpa-Lined Denim Jacket. This denim jacket will not only have you looking cool, but it will also keep you warm for those chillier St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. This jacket will also ensure you receive free shipping from Threadsy aka you’ve hit the pot of gold. 

Time To Rock Your Customized St. Patrick's Day Look!

There are truly endless ways to customize your blank apparel for St. Patrick’s Day. Whether you decide tie-dye, hand design, or utilize other fabrics, there’s truly no wrong way to make your apparel dreams come to life. Not that we're biased, but we think our readers are the cleverest clovers of them all and will create apparel that are truly special!