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Prep for the 4th of July with Threadsy

Prep for the 4th of July with Threadsy - Threadsy

Anne Dorfman |

There is truly nothing better than a holiday filled with fireworks, barbecues, and patriotic festivities. Now's the time to gear up for the fun ahead and ensure you and yours have a wonderful and safe Fourth of July. Team Threadsy is here with all the tips & tricks on how to prep for a festive Fourth of July! 

The History of Fourth of July Fashion 

Before we dive into our tips and tricks, let’s take a moment to talk about the historical significance of Fourth of July fashion. Over the years, people have embraced their love for the USA by wearing red, white, and blue. By wearing these colors, it shows pride for our nation and everyone who has fought for our nation.

Create The Perfect Fourth of July Look 

Let’s ensure you have the perfect outfits for all the Fourth of July fun! Threadsy offers blank t-shirts, tank tops, and accessories that you can easily dress up or down. Whether you’re chilling by the pool all weekend or perhaps throwing a festive party, Threadsy has just what you need that won’t break the bank.  

Need a place to start? Check out style #100A. This t-shirt from Threadfast Apparel is the perfect t-shirt that you can easily dress up at a Fourth of July Party or dress down by the poolside. This t-shirt also comes in 20+ colors (including red, white, and blue) as well as sizes XS-4XL. 

Team Threadsy also recommends checking out style #C9360. This tank top from Comfort Colors has a wonderful look and feel. This tank top is made out of 100% cotton, so you can easily tie-dye or customize it however you’d like! This tank top comes in sizes S-4XL and 40+ colors (including red, white, and blue!) 

Block out the sun with style #6606. This cap is, no cap, the easiest addition to any Fourth of July outfit. This snapback comes in 30+ colors and easily transportable to any beach, vacation, or fun party! 

Keep your drink nice and cool all day long with style #FT001. This koozie comes in fun colors that are right on theme for the holiday!  

Styling Tips for the Fourth of July

When it comes to styling the perfect outfit, there are endless ways to incorporate the iconic red, white, and blue into your ensemble. Team Threadsy recommends starting out with a basic, like one of comfortable and affordable t-shirts, paired with jean shorts or a fun skirt! This creates a classic yet effortless look. You can also add a statement accessory like a fun hat from Threadsy’s collection to give your outfit a pop!  

Customize Your Blank Apparel with Threadsy 

If you're feeling creative, why not customize your Threadsy apparel for the Fourth of July? Here are some fun ideas to try: 

  1. Patriotic patches: Purchase or create custom iron-on patches featuring American flags, stars, or other patriotic symbols. Add them to your Threadsy clothing to give it a unique touch. 
  1. Embroidery: Learn basic embroidery techniques and embellish your Threadsy items with stars, fireworks, or other patriotic designs. This is a great way to showcase your artistic skills while elevating your outfit. 
  1. Tie-dye techniques: Explore different tie-dye methods using red, white, and blue dyes. Create vibrant and eye-catching patterns on your Threadsy t-shirts, adding a personal and festive touch. 

Feel free to experiment and let your creativity shine through your outfits! 

Be The Hostess With The Mostest  

Looking to throw a Fourth of July party? How fun! The secret to party planning is prepping and making sure everything is aligned before the big day! That way, you can enjoy the actual party rather than having to prep everything while the guests are there. Team Threadsy is here to help make your Fourth of July party dreams a reality. Check out Threadsy’s endless accessories that are durable yet affordable for any kind of party.  

For instance, check out style #C3060. This towel comes in adorable patterns and colors and is perfect to offer guests at a pool party.  

Look as good as your BBQ tastes! Check out these long-lasting aprons – specifically style #RP132 

Give the perfect party favor by giving out cute and affordable tote bags! Team Threadsy recommends style #OAD116. This tote bag is perfect for running errands and starts at just $1.50. 

Buy More, Save More 

At Threadsy, we make saving money easy. Threadsy offers free shipping on all orders $50+. Also, Threadsy offers bulk bonus offers! Check out our offers below:

Lastly, check out Threadsy’s VIP program. Simply create an account at checkout, keep shopping at Threadsy, and watch your savings stack up. It’s simple – the more you buy, the more you save, up to 5% over and beyond our existing bulk purchase discounts. Join by creating an account today and start saving like a VIP! 

Have A Wonderful And Safe Fourth of July 

Prepping for the Fourth of July with Threadsy can help you celebrate in style while showcasing your patriotic spirit. We hope you enjoyed these tips and tricks, but more importantly, enjoy and have a wonderful Fourth of July!