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Why You Should Add Totes & Drawstring Bags to Your Shop

Why You Should Add Totes & Drawstring Bags to Your Shop

Nicole Rollender |

Totes and drawstring bags started getting popular in the 1980s – and they’re still going strong, and getting even stronger. For lots of us, our favorite tote bags are more than carry-alongs for our errands. These must-have accessories are part of our daily lives, and go everywhere with us, including work, school, the gym, shopping, the beach, vacations and more. Totes also allow us to express our personal sartorial style – and even display artwork or a message for self-expression of our likes and beliefs. We even enjoy toting along bags with logos from our favorite brands on them!

The bottom line up front is that totes and drawstring bags have become top-selling items in recent years. There are many reasons why these types of bags are rapidly increasing in sales. That’s also why we’ve got lots of good reasons why you should consider adding this lucrative product line to your t-shirt shop.

One of the top reasons that customers who shop for decorated t-shirts want totes from your store is because, well, a tote bag is a huge blank canvas. Whether you imprint artwork, a message, a belief or something else on a tote, people love to choose the bag that suits them to make a statement about themselves to the world.

What You Need to Know About Totes and Drawstring Bags for Your Shop

First and foremost, tote bags have become a common alternative to throwaway plastic bags. People are turning to carry totes and drawstring bags, in part because they’re helpful for the environment. Using your own bags at the store – and beyond – eliminates plastic bag waste from taking up more space in landfills. Plus, tote bags, which are stylish, durable and easy to carry, easily fit into almost every aspect of our daily lives.

States, such as California and New Jersey, as well as some major chain stores have eliminated plastic bags for purchased items. That’s why more people are acclimating to bringing their own bags when they go shopping. That’s why it’s a great idea to include some compelling earth-friendly information on your tote bag product pages. For example, “A single reusable bag like this one can replace four shopping bags a week. That adds up to 16 bags a month and 192 bags a year that aren’t going into landfills. By simply making the switch to reusable tote bags, you’re helping safeguard the environment!” 

Because totes are so popular for repeated, daily use, they need to be made from a sturdy fabric. People are more likely to buy totes that look like they’ll be around for the long haul. Look to stock totes made from canvas, denim, upholstery material and other durable materials. You’ll also find that many totes are made from recycled cotton canvas or even PET bottles to give new life to water bottles that otherwise might end up in a landfill. When you’re picking tote bag options for your store, review the types of materials for bags that last and are environmentally friendly themselves. Additionally, review which materials can be easily embroidered, printed or heat pressed so you can customize or personalize them.

Why Customers Love Tote Bags and Drawstring Bags

Customized tote and drawstring bags are so great because people can use them many times – and for extended periods. If you choose quality bags, most styles will last for years, perfect for daily or weekly use. As we’ve said, many people enjoy using totes for grocery shopping, carrying items to the beach or on picnics, and for everyday back-and-forth to work, school, or the gym. 

Totes can serve a purpose for two types of people who check out your shop: regular consumers who want to buy a tote bag for personal use, and companies, stores, schools, teams or organizations that want to put their logo and messaging on totes or drawstring bags. By putting logos on the bags, it becomes a great marketing item that your business or educational customers can give to their clients, employees and students as promotional giveaways. Some may even choose to re-sell the merch or use it as a fundraiser thank-you gift.

Giving out bags at trade shows or other events is another way businesses and organizations connect with new people – and build brand awareness. In fact, about half of U.S consumers own a bag they scored at an event, like a trade show or a craft fair. People can use the bag at the event and then can continue to use it after their return home. Many of us also keep tote bags in our cars, so we can grab them right when we need them. A tote bag is an ideal one-size-fits-all item that everyone, of any age, can use. 

Why Your Corporate and Bulk-Buy Customers Especially Love Customizable Totes and Drawstring Bags

Companies, schools, organizations, stores, and restaurants will all love offering something useful, practical, and unique. It’s not enough for these businesses to choose a promotional item that the customer can take and appreciate. If they aren’t using it, the marketing value of the item is lost. 

But with totes and drawstring bags, the usefulness of the product makes it a great investment. Every time a person takes the bag to the gym or school, they become a walking advertisement for the company or group. Here’s another bonus for companies and people who are environmentally conscious: 46% of people surveyed have a favorable opinion of a company if they’re given a promotional item that’s environmentally friendly.

And consider this: More than 80% of consumers use promotional totes for up to a year and 40% use them for more than 10 years. That’s a lot of public views that your clients could be getting, especially since 50% of people say they use these items at least once a week. That’s why choosing durable, long-lasting reusable bags with decorations that will last the test of time is vital to your shop’s success.

Tons of Impressions

Think about it this way: By many estimates, a promotional bag gets about 5,700 views during its lifetime. Each time someone looks at a logoed bag, they often think of that brand favorably. Plus, the better the quality of the bag, the item lasts longer, and the more attractive the decoration, the more often the owner will tote it out and about.

Just from a brand recognition perspective, this is vitally important. Surveys show that 90% of people who’ve received a promotional item remember the logo and name of the company. And over 80% of those who received the item are likely to do business with or support the company or organization in the future. That doesn’t include all of the potential advertising for those people who see the bags being used in public!

Huge Return on Investment

Share with your corporate and school clients that if they’re looking to grow their brand, promotional bags are a great investment. You can explain it this way: Even if the cost per item is a few dollars, but that item gets seen over 5,700 times, then the cost per view on the logo or message is less than a fraction per penny!

It’s next to impossible to get marketing that cheap with any other advertising medium. It’s a great way to promote a business. If you’re a t-shirt shop owner, it’s a great product line for your bulk sales companies to get their logo out there for people to recognize. Plus, if you have a loyal customer following, add your t-shirt shop name and logo to a tote, and watch them fly off the virtual shelves!

Brand Loyalty

In today’s business world, brand recognition and loyalty are huge issues, since there are so many competitors. If you give someone a bag with your logo on it, every time they use it, they’re putting your logo or message out there for others to see and recognize. And according to the stats, by providing customers with a promotional bag, you’re almost guaranteeing they’ll do business with your company in the future. This is an amazing selling point to post on your site and to share with your customers.

Add a New, Profitable Product Line Your Customers Will Love

Promotional bags are a fun and profitable way to get your business name out there and to create brand recognition. By adding this line of goods to your t-shirt design shop, you’re also opening up a new avenue for your business and school partners to promote their brands.

Shop Threadsy for Blank Tote Bags

With our affordable collection of bags, you can add a lot of personality to your wardrobe or the pieces you’re decorating to sell. Shop Threadsy’s tote bag styles and drawstring bags for men, women and youth, since they’re great for decorating with logos or text-based designs and wearing everywhere. After all, your new tote is your blank canvas for your creativity and self-expression. Plus, the market for tote bags will only continue to grow as people become environmentally conscious.