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Your Complete Guide to Selling Custom Stadium Blankets

Your Complete Guide to Selling Custom Stadium Blankets

Anne Dorfman |

In today's competitive retail landscape, t-shirt shops like yours are capitalizing on the demand for personalized products by introducing custom stadium blankets. As consumers increasingly seek unique and meaningful items, these cozy blankets provide the ideal opportunity for creative expression.

This quick guide answers the top questions we hear about selling blankets, so you’ll learn how to add these custom items to your shop, from selecting the right styles to marketing, enabling you to tap into this profitable product category with ease and increase your profits.

Q. Why do stadium blankets make great items to stock in my t-shirt shop?

A. Stadium, or outdoor, blankets have many uses, and they become favorite, constant companions for people who love spending time outdoors, especially in colder temperatures. More and more of us are heading to the Great Outdoors, with 168.1 million in 2022 taking part in outdoor activities like camping, fishing, sport climbing and skateboarding. So whether you’re a die-hard sports fan and tailgater, a camper or hiker, a picnicker, or just love sitting on the beach, around a fire pit or on the front porch swing, a cozy outdoor blanket plays a huge role in your comfort, warmth and enjoyment.

If you want to make your stadium blankets fly off your shelves even faster, give buyers personalization and customization options so they can add a name, monogram or initials to a blanket. Personalized gifts offer people a chance to give a truly unique gift to their recipients, rather than a generic item. In fact, the amount that people spend on personalized gifts just keeps rising every year, with $28.4 billion spent in 2022, $30 billion in 2023 and forecasted to hit a whopping $42 billion in 2030.

Q. How do I select the right blankets to offer customers?

A. Good question! There are a lot of blankets at wholesale that you could offer, but it’s a good idea to pick them with certain criteria in mind:

1. Does the blanket withstand unpleasant weather conditions? While cheering on your school football team from the stands is exciting, you want to be prepared for unpredictable weather like rain, snow or wind. Stock weather-resistant stadium blankets in materials like polyester or nylon or coated on one side as a waterproof or water-resistant barrier so fans can stick around for that winning touchdown in comfort!

2. Does it keep you nice and warm? Look at the material and insulation to make sure you can stay comfortable even when the temperatures drop in the evening. Microfiber, fleece and sherpa blankets keep you feeling toasty!

3. How big is the blanket? A larger size means that you can share it with friends and family to stay comfy while you’re having fun together.

4. How durable and portable is the stadium blanket? Choose a high-quality blanket that can stand up to lots of adventures. The blanket should also be easy to tote and store when not in use. Lightweight, easy-carry styles with built-in straps or carry bags make taking the blanket everywhere a snap.

5. Can you offer personalization and customization options? Is there room for you to imprint a name or school mascot? Does the blanket come in different color options to match brands, schools or team colors? The more ways a consumer can make a stylish blanket their own, the more likely they are to buy from you.

Q. What are the best materials for a stadium blanket?

A. Remember, the key is to select stadium blankets that are comfy, durable, portable, and designed for indoor and outdoor use. Let’s break down some of the most frequently used fabrications for blankets:

  • Wool: This animal-derived fiber retains its warmth, even if it gets wet. Wool is also fire-resistant due to its keratin protein, which is a perfect choice for people who love to spend time around the fire pit.
  • Fleece: A human-made version of wool, fleece embodies sheep fur’s natural fabrics, but is softer and more comfortable. Fleece blankets are lightweight and offer superior insulated warmth for outdoor activities.
  • Sherpa: Many people consider sherpa to be even warmer and softer than wool and regular fleece. Sherpa is a type of double-sided fleece that keeps heat in to keep you cozy even in the coldest temperatures. Sherpa is also lightweight and water-resistant, making it a great choice for outdoor blankets.
  • Polyester: Another popular choice for stadium blankets, poly items are warm, soft, comfy, lightweight, waterproof, moisture-wicking and fire-resistant.
  • Natural fibers: When you source blankets made from natural or organic fibers like cotton or bamboo, you can promote an eco-friendly message. Organic fibers are often grown without pesticides or chemicals. These materials from nature are soft, warm, breathable, lightweight, moisture-wicking and hypo-allergenic.
  • Recycled fibers: Continuing with that eco-friendly message, blankets made with recycled fabrics are also in demand because they reduce waste and benefit the environment. You’ll find blankets made from recycled polyester, plastic bottles and nylon on the market.

Q. How should I decorate stadium blankets?

A. The most popular ways to imprint blankets are embroidery, heat-applied graphics, patches, screen printing and discharge printing.

Embroidery: The most classic decoration option, embroidery creates a classic name drop or mascot that lasts the life of the blanket. You can color match a customer’s preferred shade or brand, school or team colors to threads for a higher-value product. Some clients like the effects of puff or 3-D embroidery on the blanket’s tactile surface. Stitching is durable, ensuring the thread colors stay vibrant through many uses and launderings.

Heat-applied graphics or patches: Heat-applied decorations are best on polyester or cotton blankets, rather than on nylon or water-proofed fabrics. Once you’ve applied the graphic, the blanket can be washed and dried as usual. You can also use embroidery to attach leatherette and other types of patches, along with appliqué designs, to a higher-pile blanket.

Screen printing: Certain types of blanket fabrics will be harder to print due to their texture and the pile, so you may need to try test prints. The most common type of ink to use on a fleece-type blanket is plastisol, since it’s user friendly and can produce a crisp, bright image. You can do one pass, then flash the design for four to six seconds, and do another pass once the ink is cured for a vibrant print. When you want a softer hand, try water-based inks, which sink into the fabric so you can’t feel them if you run your hand over the blanket.

Discharge printing: If you’re working with a darker colored blanket, discharge printing strips away the pigment of the fibers and replaces it with the ink colors. Before you choose this printing method, be aware that polyester fibers don’t always hold the ink pigment so you’ll get more of a vintage-looking print. If you look at the blanket fabric blend percentages, you can get a better idea of how the fabric will take the ink. A higher cotton content will absorb the ink for a brighter design.

Q. What are some creative ways to get the word out about my new stadium blanket offerings?

A. Depending on where your customers live, work and hang out when they interact with your brand and products, your strategy for introducing them to your stadium blankets. We’ve rounded up a few ideas to help you start brainstorming.

Local events: If you can attend craft fairs or other events that showcase vendors, display your plush stadium blankets prominently for sale. Some t-shirt shop owners embroider blankets on site with names or initials to add more excitement and prestige to the item with personalization.

School, sports or club events: Talk with contacts at your local schools to see if you can sell blankets with the school or team name on them at back-to-school night or sporting events, where they’ll be a big hit! You might even become the school’s spiritwear provider by introducing them to your items this way.

Social media: If you’re adding blankets to your wares, create inviting, shareable online content that shows the versatility of your blankets in high-quality images, videos and clever captions. You can also encourage customers to share photos of their experiences with your blanket with a special hashtag like #BlanketAdventures to attract them to your online shop.

Influencer collaborations: If you want to get your outdoor blankets into a specific community, like campers or sports fans, find a micro-influencer who can feature your blankets in their posts or stories to drive awareness and sales. Sponsoring local events: Donate blankets to different events or fundraisers as prizes where you’ll gain publicity as a supportive member of the community.

Partnering with local businesses: Consider collaborating with spas or gyms to create customized logo blankets that can be retailed at their establishments, providing a cozy and branded experience for their customers.

Q. Got any blanket recommendations for my shop?

A. Of course! Here are two of our favorites that you can get right on

First, check out the Gildan Heavy Blend Fleece Stadium Blanket (G189), a perfect blend of comfort and durability. Crafted from 50% USA-grown cotton and 50% polyester, this blanket’s midweight fleece fabric provides optimum warmth, making it ideal for chilly evenings. With hemmed sides all around and measuring 50” W x 60” L, this versatile blanket comes in a range of classic colors including Navy, Black, Charcoal, Red, Royal, Sand and Sport Grey. Experience ultimate coziness and style with this premium stadium blanket, designed with fun, comfort and coziness in mind.

The J America Adult Epic Sherpa Blanket (JA8449) is  a luxurious choice for warmth and style. Crafted from 9.5 oz. high-loft polyester sherpa, this blanket offers ultimate softness and comfort. Its two-needle hem around the edge ensures durability, while the off-white drawcord allows convenient rolled packaging so you can take it wherever you go. This blanket comes in a variety of chic options including Black Heather, Oatmeal Heather, Red/Black Buffalo, and Black/Charcoal Buffalo. Snuggle up in cozy sophistication with this high-quality sherpa blanket!

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