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January: Creator of The Month @pinchplateparty

January: Creator of The Month @pinchplateparty

Anne Dorfman |

We are starting 2024 off on the best of notes by featuring @pinchplateparty as our January Creator of The Month. @pinchplateparty, also known as Lauren Comer, is known for her stylish DIY projects, crafts, and home inspo! Learn more about Lauren and her wonderful craft journey below. 

Lauren is not new to the crafting and entrepreneurial space! In fact, Lauren has been an entrepreneur since middle school! Yes, you read that right! Lauren explained, “I used to sell duct tape and comic strip purses in middle school, I helped pay my way through college with my own specialty cake business, and I've been running Pinch Plate Party in a business capacity since mid 2020.” What sets Lauren apart from the rest is her way of beautifully blending terms and expression. Lauren makes creative projects accessible and digestible and inspires her followers to take her tips & be creative themselves!  

On Lauren’s social media, one will see various seasonally relevant craft projects, home decor projects, and more! Lauren’s videos and tips are easy to follow and very upbeat! A personal favorite is a reel of when someone asks Lauren how her “little DIY projects turn out” and then showcases her wonderful work!  

Team Threadsy asked Lauren what words she lives by and Lauren described, “One quote that has been inspirational for me in business has been these words from a poem by Erin Hanson, "There is freedom waiting for you, on the breezes of the sky, and you ask, 'What if I fall?' Oh, but my darling, 'What if you fly?'" I love these words and poem because I think the basis is that in all chances we take there can be a chance that it doesn't work out the way we thought, but there's also a chance that something could be wildly successful. The only way we will ever know is if you take that first step.” So true, Lauren! 

Lauren loves utilizing Threadsy for her craft projects. In a reel she recently posted, Lauren showcases the various ways you can utilize Threadsy. We also asked Lauren what her favorite item is from Threadsy and she said, “I love that I can find workwear and plain affordable t-shirts. I love the Dickies Men's FLEX Short-Sleeve Twill Work Shirt and I also love the Threadfast Apparel t-shirts.” 

Thank you, Lauren, for creating such a wonderful and inspiring page for your followers and for being a part of Team Threadsy. Be sure to follow along Lauren’s journey and follow her for all the crafting and home decor fun. We will certainly be tuning in – we can’t wait to see what’s in store for you next, Lauren!