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Rock Your T-Shirt Designs with these 2024 Trends!

Rock Your T-Shirt Designs with these 2024 Trends!

Anne Dorfman |

Are you ready to crank up business and make a splash in your t-shirt business or side hustle in 2024? As you begin selling your tees & apparel in the new year, it’s time to tune into the hottest design trends that are set to dominate in 2024. Let’s dive into the hottest t-shirt design trends that are expected to take storm in 2024.  

Featured T-shirt: Style #C1717

Minimalistic Designs- Less is More!

We’ve all seen minimalism all over our TikToks and social media, and frankly, that’s here to stay. Just like our furniture and hairstyles, minimalistic designs on tees & apparel are in high demand. Minimalistic designs like a simple heart of flower will resonate with your customers. Let’s face it, minimalistic designs are versatile, classy, and oh-so-chic! 

Featured T-shirt: Style #1545CC

Environmentally Friendly Designs – Green Thumb! 

Customers nowadays are shopping smart and have a real focus on being eco-friendly. Now’s the time to utilize recycled materials and adopt eco-friendly printing techniques that will make your customers and the earth happy. Not only will you attract eco-conscious customers, but also you’ll be making a true contribution to a greener future! 

Featured T-shirt: Style #IC47LSR

Make a Statement With Bold Typography and Hand-Lettering

Looking to make a statement with your tees & apparel? Now’s the time to crank up the volume with your typography that demands attention! We’re talking bold, fierce, and powerful message that make your customer feel unstoppable. Have fun with it by adding bold fonts and lettering techniques. Your words matter and will resonate with your customers! 

Featured T-shirt: Style #2001

Retro and Vintage-Inspired Designs – Old School!

Nothing is better than repping up your favorite band from high-school or an artist from back in the day. It’s truly nostalgic designs that make customers all warm and fuzzy. Retro and vintage-inspired tees are back and they’re the perfect addition to any storefront or personal wardrobe. When you combine your design skills with retro flavor, you’ll create tees that are irresistible to your customers!

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2024 is destined to be a magical year for you and your business. With a wider knowledge of trends for this year, you’re bound to make a big splash with your customers! Prep for your successful year with Threadsy. Shop our wholesale priced tees, sweatshirts, and more! The best part? Enjoy free shipping on all orders $50+! So, what are you waiting for? Your customers are waiting!